Carrying Capacity for Destinations

  • 27 March 2024, 1700 CET
  • The carrying capacity study is at the heart of sustainable tourism management and aims to provide 'time/space specific responses' at specific sites or destinations with overtourism, or in need to prevent it. It is focused research taking into consideration the needs of protecting the environment, biodiversity and cultural heritage while safeguarding a qualitative tourism experience and the well-being of local people.
    • The meeting recording and supporting presentations will be available 24 hours after the meeting has finished.
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    Renata Rizzo

    After a long career in multinational companies in various sectors, from tourism to food & beverage, in the role of Senior Director of Marketing and Product Innovation, Renata decided to devote herself full-time to supporting companies and local communities in defining the sustainability path best suited to their needs. Her varied experience is also at the disposal of territories and hospitality companies to design strategies, actions, communication and to support carbon footprint measurement and Earthcheck certification processes. In the United States, he has obtained the Success Coach Certification and accompanies groups and executive managers on awareness and development paths.
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