Corporate Sustainability

In this foundational module, learners develop an understanding of the fundamentals and interdependencies of sustainability in the corporate context.
  • Foundational module
  • 30 minutes
  • 6 videos
  • 6 assessments
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    Learners immerse themselves in the field of corporate sustainability and explore how organisations can balance their operations with environmental and social responsibility. They also look at the benefits of adopting sustainable business practices, from reducing environmental impact to improving reputation and stakeholder engagement. Through case studies and practical insights, learners gain a comprehensive understanding of strategies for integrating sustainability into various aspects of business operations

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    • Importance of corporate sustainability
    • Scope 1-3
    • Climate neutrality v's net zero
    • Sustainable supply chain management
    • Sustainability strategy - role and elements
    • Economic system, world overshoot day and donut economy
    • Drivers for sustainability