Circular Economy

Discover the principle of the circular economy and can derive possible courses of action for their role in the company.
  • Foundational module
  • 30 minutes
  • 6 videos
  • 6 assessments
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    The circular economy represents a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we produce, consume and think about waste. This module explores how the principles of the circular economy drive sustainability, economic growth and innovation. This module provides learners with the knowledge they need to recognise circular economy opportunities and implement these principles in different industries and roles.

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    • Circular economy versus linear economy
    • Circular business models
    • Closed loop systems
    • Circular Economy European directive
    • 10 R-principles of the circular economy: Refuse; Rethink; Reduce; Reuse; Repair; Refit; Refurbish / Remanufacture; Repurpose; Recycle; Recover