ESG & Sustainable Finance

Discover the key requirements of ESG in the financial context and learn to integrate sustainability into financial decisions and investment strategies.
  • Specialist module
  • 30 minutes
  • 6 videos
  • 6 assessments
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    Understanding ESG principles for sustainable finance is crucial for employees in banks and savings banks, as well as for investors and anyone who wants to align financial decisions with sustainability goals.  In this module, learners engage with the field of sustainable finance and explore how investment decisions, financial practices and economic systems can be aligned with ESG commitments.
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    • The role of financial institutions in the transformation
    • Regulatory requirements for regional and international standards
    • Sustainable finance approaches:
      1) ESG criteria, impact investing, SRI
      2) Inclusive vs. exclusive sustainability (exclusion process, positive screening, norm-based screening, engagement & voting); best-in-class vs. best-in-universe
      3) Sustainable investment universe